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Lanka Hospitals commemorates World Blood Donor Day


World Blood Donor Day; celebrated on the 14th of June - celebrates the selfless commitment each blood donor executes in order to save the life of a person most often a stranger. In order to commemorate World Blood Donor Day, the staff at Lanka Hospitals conducted a blood donation campaign in which the donors were rewarded with certificates and tokens of appreciation for their selfless generosity.

Speaking on the campaign, Dr. (Mrs) Sewwandi Thilakawardane, Consultant Transfussion Medicine of Lanka Hospitals said "Often it is the last minute rush to find sufficient quantities of the right blood group that delays patients with rare blood groups receiving immediate treatment. However, we have worked extensively to ensure that all Lanka Hospitals patients have immediate and sufficient access to all blood groups - guaranteeing immediate service and treatment to each of our patients".

The Lanka Hospitals blood bank was established in 2002 and has grown since to an astounding 26,243 donors comprising staff, relatives of patients, friends and a host of other generous individuals who donate regularly. Having tied up with the National Blood Tranfussion service, Lanka Hospitals has a distinct advantage of being able to access rare blood groups at short notice to accommodate patients'.

Celebrated on the birthday of the founder of ABO blood group system, Dr. Karl Landsteiner a leading doctor and scientist, celebrates the true power of the single most unifying factor known to man. Born in Austria in 1868, Dr. Landsteiner succeeded in indentifying the ABO blood group system in 1900, winning him a Nobel Prize in 1930.

Conducted between 9am and 4pm on the 14th, the campaign reported extensive donations and an extremely high degree of success; with many frequent donors receiving awards from Lanka Hospitals.