Medical Services

  • Cosmetic Clinic

    People from across the world visit and value our Cosmetic Clinic, where we make every attempt to transform lives through a range of cosmetic treatments that are performed by consultants who specialize in each of the areas..........

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  • Dermatology Clinic

    The skin, hair and nails are the mirrors of good health for every person. If they fail to shine and look healthy, then looking your best is compromised. That’s why at our Dermatology Department..............

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  • Allergy Clinic

    Allergies can be life threatening at worst and irritating at best. With allergens all around us, it is hard to pinpoint what maybe causing a reaction. Allergies can cause chronic conditions such as Asthma and make you or your loved ones endure years of.......

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  • ENT center

    Our ENT Center has broken a new ground in many complex ENT procedures. We provide specialized ENT care with comprehensive ENT therapy and surgery under one roof....

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  • Vaccination Clinic

    Our Vaccination Clinic runs a vaccination program that is on par with the National Vaccination Program. Be assured of the safety of yourself and that of your child through immunization against life-threatening diseases.  Our team of expert pediatricians and our superior vaccine storage......

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  • Physiotherapy

    We offer a wide range of performance rehabilitation services. Physicians at Lanka Hospitals work closely with our therapists ensuring that the best decision is made when it comes to choosing which method best fit a patient’s recovery. Our clinically measured approach means that we only.....

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  • Kidney Care Center

    The Lanka Hospitals Kidney Care Centre offers comprehensive and specialized care for kidney diseases, with dialysis and kidney transplants performed by the best and most respected nephrologists in the country. Our Kidney Care Centre has earned a reputation as a center of excellence.....

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  • Gastroenterology

    Our Gastroenterology department is a self-contained unit specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of gastro-intestinal, hepatology disorders and is headed by a team of consultant gastroenterologists and surgeons. The unit is equipped with the latest high definition, narrow band.....

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  • Neurosciences

    Our Neurology Department is unique and we are the only private hospital in Sri Lanka to offer the services of fulltime Neurologists/Surgeons who are present all day to facilitate cases of emergency. On our team there are a number of neuro electro physiology technicians to conduct EEG.....

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  • General Medicine

    Our General Medicine department attends to various types of medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, acute liver and kidney ailments, infections, dengue fever, meningitis, pneumonia  amongst others as well as range of chronic medical problems such as osteoarthritis......

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  • Nuclear Medicine Center

    Were you aware that our Nuclear Medicine Department pioneered Nuclear Medicine imaging amongst private sector hospitals in Sri Lanka? We are equipped with a state of- the-art Dual Detector Gamma Camera (SIEMENS-E Cam), a first and only of its kind in.....

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  • Blood Bank

    As the heart of the hospital, the Blood Bank gives life. Being the critical unit that all other departments depend on, the focus of our Blood Bank is to provide an adequate supply of safe and high quality blood and blood components, saving lives as.....

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  • Dental Clinic

    Our Dental Clinic puts perfect smiles on our patient’s faces. Our state of- the-art facility offers dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry, enhancing your quality of life and giving you healthy and beautiful teeth at an affordable.....

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  • Mother & Baby Care

    Our Mother and Baby Care Centre provides a personalized birth experience for every expecting family, a distinctive clinic for you and your bundle of joy.  The unit provides comprehensive and convenient care from conception, through pregnancy and delivery, to post-natal and......

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  • Eye Clinic

    With a dedicated team of local and foreign consultant ophthalmologists, highly trained nurses and access to the most up-to-date technology, our Eye Clinic is the only private eye clinic in Sri Lanka to offer a complete range of services in one central location.Both foreign and......

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  • Radiology Services

    We operate a fully-fledged imaging unit, 24 hours, with full time radiologists both local and foreign assisting towards ensuring a quality and precise diagnostic process. Our unit is equipped with the full range of imaging equipment with the latest technology used in radiology......

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  • Laboratory Services

    Our Laboratory Services is a fully-fledged, ISO 15189 accredited medical laboratory services unit that provides all routine and specialist diagnostic tests, 24 hours a day, all year round. We became the first hospital in Sri Lanka to be certified with the ISO: 15189 standard - an internationally

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  • Emergency

    With minimal wait times and a dedicated unit that has the services of specialist, well experienced doctors and surgeons on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lanka Hospitals is possibly Sri Lanka’s best choice for treatment in a medical.......

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  • Heart Centre

    Our Heart Centre is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive cardiac and cardiothoracic surgical procedures. We have a proven track record of excellent results and unmatched aftercare alongside the added benefit of affordability. We realize that you as our patient require the best in medical

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  • Surgical Department

    Undergoing surgery can be a daunting prospect. However, knowing you’re in the safest hands will make your visit a more comfortable and reassuring experience. At Lanka Hospitals, we have a comprehensive team of consultants specializing in surgical procedures. Our main aim is........

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  • Fertility Centre

    Our Fertility Centre has made the miracle of parenthood a reality for couples who had lost hope of ever cradling a bundle of joy in their arms. Our purpose in life is to make your dreams a reality and our journey is rewarded by the joy that surrounds........

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  • Health Check

    Our patients will agree that good health is an outcome of sound well-being. A balanced diet, exercise and of course preventive screening holds the key to longevity. Our Health Check Clinic offers a range of health screenings as a proactive lifestyle choice for the early detection..........

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Awards & Recognitions

Won the silver award for the '2012 Annual Report' at the Annual Report Award Ceremony 2013 conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accounta

Lanka hospitals is the only hospital in Asia and Asia Pacific Rim to receive the 'world class' Global Performance Excellence Award.

The only hospital to become the Winner of the Global Performance Excellence Award 2013 as a “World Class” health-care provider in Asia

Awarded the Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency Merit Award 2010.

Brand finance recognized Lanka Hospitals to be amongst the Top 50 Most Valuable Brands in Sri Lanka  

Only Hospital in Sri Lanka to be rated A+ RAM Rating, a reflection of its strong financial profile and high liquidity.

Named Sri Lanka’s Top 100 Corporate in the “ LMD most Respected” in 2011 

1st Laboratory in a Hospital in Sri Lanka to receive ISO15189:2007 accreditation for hospital laboratory services

First Hospital to achieve HALAL certification for its Catering department

Only hospital to become the winner of Sri Lanka National Quality Award 2012

Certified with ISO 14000:204 for Environmental Management System in 2013

Awarded 5 out of 5 crowns under the food hygeine scheme for maintaining international best practices in food quality and hygiene excellence


“It is after hearing of Lanka Hospitals’ track record in renal care that I made this decision with confidence. Today, I’m well on my way to recovery after a successful transpla...