Board Of Directors – Mrs. Uma Rajamantri

Mrs.Uma brings over 30 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. Having entered advertising back in the mid 80’s, after a brief stint as a hotelier. From her involvement in the industry during its early days, Uma has been an intricate part of the advertising fraternity and its continual evolution, every step of the way. Her extensive and illustrious career is accompanied by an MBA from the Mahatma Gandhi University of India and Specialized Media training at the Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad, India. Along with participation in numerous other programs, seminars and vocational training. Mrs.Uma joined Phoenix Ogilvy Media in 1986 and has worked at every level of the organization, up until 2013, when she held the position of Joint Managing Director- Phoenix Ogilvy Media; a subsidiary of Ogilvy worldwide and the WPP group. During her prodigious tenure, Uma has worked on almost every local and international brand in the country, garnered praise for numerous industry innovations and propelled under-dogs to front runners. This includes 5 prestigious EFFIE awards, which recognize ‘Effective Media Campaigns’. Her long standing relationship with the industry, direct association with numerous brands and being at the cutting-edge of change, has endowed Uma with the ability to go beyond conventional thinking in executing her duties. Her novel approach to brand communication continues to benefit from an inimitable mix of bright ideas, a positive attitude and proactive philosophy. Driving change that not only uplifts the standard of advertising locally, but also in her role of CEO, leading yet another organization in their pursuit of perfection.