Board Of Directors – Professor Dilani Lokuhetty

Professor Dilani Lokuhetty
MBBS, Dip. Path., MD Path., Pg CertMedEd, MIAC

Prof. Dilani Lokuhetty (MBBS, Dip. Path., MD Path., Pg CertMedEd, MIAC) is a Professor in Pathology and a Consultant Pathologist with wide experience in laboratory medicine, including diagnostic pathology, undergraduate/postgraduate teaching and scientific research. Prof. Lokuhetty serves in the forefront of laboratory medicine in Sri Lanka and has contributed to developing National Guidelines on several aspects of Diagnostic Pathology, thereby strengthening cancer care in the country. She has been a recipient of research grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Research Council in the country, winning research awards at scientific forums with local and international publications and citations. Her contributions in the field of medical research and innovation and her professionalism as a woman, have been recognised at national level. Prof. Lokuhetty is an experienced administrator, having served as the Head of the Department of Pathology, University of Colombo and the Chairperson of the Board of Study in Pathology at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. She is a member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors (SLID) and is currently following the Board Leadership Graduate Programme conducted by the SLID. She was appointed to the Board of Lanka Hospitals on 3rd March 2015.