Surgical Department

Where is the Surgical OPD located?

The Surgical OPD is located on the ground floor in close proximity to the emergency theater.

What are the facilities available at the Surgical OPD?

The OPD consists of 6 consultation rooms that are designed and equipped to international standards and comprises of a with surgical secretariat and a dressing room.

Where is the Emergency mini theater located?

The Emergency mini theatre is located on the ground floor near the ETU and MO OPD area.

What are the facilities available at the Emergency mini theatre?

The mini theater is equipped with theater bed and lighting. It has been designed to maintain sterility with patient and surgeons dressing and scrub areas.

What kind of procedures are undertaken at the Emergency Mini theatre?

Main procedures include cases that require only local anesthesia such as removal of sebaceous cysts, Lymphomas, excision of lumps, removal of foreign bodies, biopsies , bone marrow aspirations as well as surgical dressings.

What level of competence does the staff at the Emergency mini theatre have?

All the staff are trained in theater handling and have been transferred from main theater units after intensive training.

What is the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and where is it located?

The SICU is located in the 1st floor within the ICU complex (MICU, CCU, SICU) and is a dedicated ICU for surgical patients. At the SICU all nursing staff are especially trained in surgical care and are developed on an on going basis on surgical care. As a result, nursing care at the SICU is one to one.

What are the facilities available at the SICU?

The SICU consists of 6 single room cubicles equipped with latest monitoring facilities to monitor invasive and none invasive parameters. Privacy is a key focus at the SICU and patients recieve separate cubicles giving them and the staff utmost privacy in handling and care giving. The Nurse’s station is facilitated with central monitoring and allows the nurses and staff to monitor all patients at all times (24/7) from nurse’s station.

What medical expertise is available at the SICU?

The SICU is looked after by a dedicated SICU Medical Officer throughout the day (24 hours). The ICU Complex also has 2 in-house board certified consultant anesthetists who are available round the clock.

What are the surgical areas focused on at the SICU?

All major surgical spectrum from post Neurosurgical (spinal and brain), Orthopedic(post TKR, Hip replacements, acute poly trauma),General Surgery (Laprotomies, post liver resections ,thyroidectomies, wheepls, APRs etc), post Onco surgeries, ENT surgeries, OMF surgeries and also post surgical complication are also managed in the SICU.

What is the infection control rate?

Maintenance of sterility and prevention of Surgical Side Infection is considered of prime importance and as a protocol no infected cases are accepted into the SICU. Thorough cleaning is frequently done with culture swabs with the coordination of the infection control unit.
Currently infection rate is ‘0’.

Where are the Surgical Wards located?

In striving for clinical excellence 2 wings in 6th floor has been dedicated to surgical patients (single room facility). All general ward patents are managed in the 4th A wing where 6 beds are allocated to Neuro and ENT patients.

What are the skill levels and nursing care at the surgical wards?

All nurses have undergone especial surgical training and continuous training is being carried out to enhance their knowledge not only in medical care but also other areas in a bid to achieve service excellence and better patient handling.

What are the Operating Theater Facilities available at the hospital?

Lanka Hospitals currently has 9 theaters and the Theater complex is situated on the 2nd floor and is divided in to 2 main areas:

  • Cardiac theater complex
  • Consists of 3 cardiac theaters 2 theaters are used for cardiac surgeries other theater is currently used for eye surgeries.
  • General operating theater complex
  • Consist of 4 full equipped theaters.
  • GOT 1- for Neuro and Orthopedic surgeries.
  • GOT2-4 other surgeries.
  •  IVF Theater
  • Spectrum of Surgeries
  • General and LAP Surgery
  • Neuro surgeries  –  Spinal and Brain surgeries, performed the highest number of spinal surgeries in private sector
  • Urology  –  has been recently upgraded with the most advanced technology for consultant usefulness and patient safety: latest uro resectoscope, advanced laser for stone removal, most handler friendly ultra thin uretoscopes .currently able to handle the most advanced urocases.
  • URS laser, TURP, PCNL, Implantation surgeries are the main areas of urology
  • ENT-unit  –  is being further upgraded
  • Orthopedics  –  is equipped with the latest technology and equipment by October 2012 TKR, DHS, arthroscopies, ORIF are the main surgeries
  • Plastic / cosmetic Surgery  –  Has a dedicated clinic in the 6th floor to provide utmost privacy to patients. Multiple cosmetic surgeries are performed in confidentiality.