Caregiver Training Programme

This training programme is targeted at Nursing Assistants who provide home level care for sick, elderly and disabled persons. The course will educate the trainees to build up a healthy professional relationship with the client they need to care for. The trainees are also taught how the immediate environment of the client can be made as comfortable as possible. The successful trainees are awarded the NVQ level 3 certificate by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka (TVEC). NVQ is an internationally recognized qualification, which will assist the trainees to obtain employment abroad, particularly in countries such as Japan.

Course Objectives

  • To educate the trainee to communicate and attend to the basic needs of a sick, elderly or a disabled person.
  • To educate the trainee to make the immediate environment as comfortable as possible for the client.

Course Duration

Full-time programme: 45 days | Part-time programme: 8 months

Course Content

  • Assess the client.
  • Prepare care plan.
  • Carry out self-preparation activities.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and appearance of the client.
  • Handle client’s movements.
  • Carry out housekeeping activities.
  • Maintain the relationship with the client.
  • Administer medication.
  • Maintain nutrition of the client
  • Provide special care
  • Promote client’s comfort
  • Ensure safe and healthy environment

Entry Requirement

  • Age = 18-50 is preferred.
  • Height = Not less than 4’ 6”
  • Successful at G.C.E. (O/L) with a pass in English language.

Course Coordinator

Ms. Chamalika Senaratne – Senior Executive-Training – Lanka Hospitals Academy.

Chief Resource Person

Ms. Chitra Damayanthi, Deputy Chief Matron – Lanka Hospitals.


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