Dental Clinic

Our Dental Clinic puts perfect smiles on our patient’s faces. Our state of- the-art facility offers dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry, enhancing your quality of life and giving you healthy and beautiful teeth at an affordable price. Our Clinic provides preventive, cosmetic, prosthetic and periodontal dentistry and also performs more complex oral surgeries.

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+94 11 543 1520 -1005
+9470 353 1900
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Why Choose us?

• Our advanced equipment includes an OPG orthopantomogram as well as a lateral cephalogram X-ray facility.
• A specialist is always available on call and emergency cases will be attended to immediately.
• One of the few centers in Sri Lanka to encompass the entire spectrum of diagnostic techniques including Orthopantomogram (OPG), a panoramic scanning dental X ray facilitating the the full 180- degree view of the upper and lower jaw
• Given our expansive range of dental specialties including preventive, cosmetic, prosthetic and peridontal, our expert dental team comprising both foreign and local experts, is also renowned for performing highly complex oral surgical procedures.
• Our unmatched reputation as one of the best dental cosmetic surgery units in town, heralded a rapid increase of patients coming in for cosmetic surgery, while we are also augmenting our status in the specialization of pediatric dentistry and Othodontristry based on preventive dentistry for children and correction of abnormal dentures during childhood.


• General dental treatment
• Minor restoration
• Endodontics
• Cosmetic dentistry
• Teeth whitening
• Oral surgery
• Prosthetics
• Laser dental surgery including cosmetic laser procedures


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Contact Numbers
+94 11 543 1520 -1005