We offer a wide range of performance rehabilitation services of physiotherapy. Physicians at Lanka Hospitals work closely with our therapists ensuring that the best decision is made when it comes to choosing which method best fits a patient’s recovery. Our clinically measured approach means that we only practice thoroughly validated therapies, so we always know the service we provide is going to be the best the field can offer.

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• Neurological, orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation for out patients and in patients.
• Antenatal and post natal programs.
• Electrotherapy modalities such as: Ultrasound – for plantar fascitis, soft tissue injuries – sprain and strain
• Short wave diathermy – arthritis, PIVD etc.
• Interferential therapy – for conditions like para-spinal muscle spasm, neck pain etc.
• Intermittent pelvic/ cervical traction – for conditions like sciatica, rediculopathy etc.
• Electrical stimulation – for conditions like Bell’s Palsy, peripheral nerve injuries etc Wax bath – for joint stiffness, arthritis etc.



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1st Floor

Working Hours
On all working days 8 am – 8 pm

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