Prof Thejana Wijeratne

(General Surgeon specialized in Bariatric surgery)

Prof. Thejana Wijeratne is a board certified General Surgeon with special interest in Upper Gastro-Intestinal, Pancreatico-Billiary and Laparoscopic Surgery who has had advanced training in two high volume upper GI and Bariatric surgical centers in Australia including a Surgical Fellow post in the above field for one year.

Years of experience

13 years


General Surgeon with special interest in Upper Gastro-Intestinal, Pancreatico -Billiary and Laparoscopic Surgery.



Number of surgeries performed

Bariatric surgery (total) -420
Bariatric surgery at Lanka Hospital Bariatric Centre -150

Awards and memberships

Prof Thejana has been involved in many research and scientific work in the field of bariatric surgery and several papers and presentations have been done locally and internationally based on the follow up data of patients operated by his team.

He has conducted several live operating workshops and symposia to enhance the knowledge of these operations among health care specialists in Sri Lanka.

He is a member of the IFSO (International Federation for Surgery for Obesity) and also a member of several regional associations on deciding on guidelines for the region on management of obesity. Prof. Wijeratne has been invited to several scientific meetings both locally and internationally to speak on Bariatric Surgery related topics and have been awarded an Oration on the same.