General Surgery

General surgery mainly comprises surgical emergencies, trauma, abdominal, gastro intestinal, breast, endocrine, bariatric, skin and soft tissue surgeries.

Lanka Hospital General Operating Theatre is equipped with the latest equipment and advanced technology to carry out any complicated general surgery such as high-end laparoscopy systems, advanced laser techniques to stop bleeding, nerve monitoring systems to stop nerve damage and more. Our operation theatre staff are well experienced and have received extensive training on new surgical techniques.

The hospital also has the best and most advanced technology in the country for breast surgeries such as sentinal lymph node gamma probe (SLND assessment) to identify the extent of disease spread, frozen section biopsy to prevent recurrence of cancer and a specially designed breast retractor system to minimize soft tissue injury during surgery.

We also have the most reputed stoma care specialized professionals in the country to follow up patients after bowel surgery.

Permanent and visiting surgeons

Dr. Aathawan B
Prof. Aloka Pathirana
Dr. Amal Priyantha
Dr. Anura Banagala
Dr. Aravinda Dissanayake
Dr. Arunajith Amarasinghe
Dr. Arunajith Peiris
Dr. Arunthathy K
Dr. Asela Jayathilake
Dr. Asela Senanayake
Dr. Bawantha Gamage
Dr. Bishman Thevarajah
Dr. Dushan Fernando
Dr. Faiz M.M
Dr. Gamage P V
Dr. Harsha Gamage
Dr. Hasanjaya G
Dr. Indrani Amarasinghe
Dr. Jayandra Fernando
Dr. Jayasekera Amila Indumini
Dr. Jerad Fernando
Dr. Kanishka De Silva
Prof. Kemal Deen
Dr. Lalith Perera
Dr. Mahananda Udukala
Dr. Mihira Bandara
Dr. Naomal Perera
Dr. Parthiepan A
Dr. Rajendran Parimalendran
Dr. Rajiv G Rajendran
Dr. Rameendra Senaratne
Dr. Ranasinghe L A
Dr. Randima Nanayakkara
Dr. Ranga Perera
Dr. Ranga Wickramachchi
Dr. Ranil Jayasena
Dr. Rohan siriwardana
Dr. Rohana Vidanage
Dr. Samira Janaka Jayasinghe
Dr. Sanjaya Abeygunawardana
Dr. Sanjeev Samaranayake
Dr. Sanjeewa Senevirathne
Dr. Sarath Kumara Kollure
Dr. Sivaganesh Sivasuriya
Dr. Sumudu kumarage
Dr. Thejana Wijerathne
Dr. Wasantha Wijenayake

Surgical Services

Abdomino Perinial Resection (APR)
Anal Fissure; repair
Anterior Resection (AR)
Anterior Resection with Ileostomy
Axillary clearance
Bariatric surgery (Weight loss surgery)
Breast Lump excision
Breast Surgery ( Mastectomy)
Carpal Tunnel Release
Choledochal Cyst – Jaundice
Choledochoduodenostomy or Choledocho Jejunostomy
Colectomy – any type
Cyst Excision
Diaphragmatic injury repair
Distal Gastrectomy For Gastric Outlet Obstruction
Distal Pancreatectomy
Distal Pancreatectomy + Splenectomy
Enucleation of Cyst
ERCP + Choleycystectomy
Excision of Tumors in Pharynx
Explorative Laparotomy
Extended Right Hemicolectomy
Femoral Hernia repair
Foreign body removal
Foreign Body Removal with scope
Ganglion surgery
Gastrectomy – any type
Gastro Jejunostomy
Gall bladder Calculi CBD Stones or Dilated CBD
Hepatectomy + Wedge Resection
Haemorrhoidectomy ( surgery for Piles)
Hartmans Procedure with Colostomy
Hemi thyroidectomy
Hepatico Jejunostomy
Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (Advanced) Radio Frequency Ablation
Herniotomy and Repair
Hiatus Hernia Repair
Hydatid Cyst of Liver
Ileostomy Closure
Ileotransverse Colostomy
Incisional Herniotomy and repair
Inguinal Block Dissection
J – Pouch
Lap Adhesiolysis
Lap Cholecystostomy With Exploration CBD
Lap Fundoplications
Laryngectomy Any Type
Laryngectomy with Voice Prosthesis
Lump Excision
Mastectomy – Any type
Maxillectomy – Any type
Neck Dissection – Any type
Oesophageal tumour removal
Pancreaticojejunostomy (Non-Malignant)
Parotidectomy – Any type
Partial Gastrectomy
Pseudocust of Pancresas
PUH (Para Umbilical) Hernia Repair
Radical Nephrectomy
Repair Of CBD
Rt. Hepatectomy
Sclerosing Choloangitis
Sigmoid collectomy
Small Bowel Resection
Splenectomy for Space Occupying Lesion
Splenectomy + Devascularisation + Spleno Renal Shunt
Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy
Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy + J – Pouch
Submandibular Gland Excision
Surgery for Bleeding Ulcers
Surgery For Corrosive Injury Stomach
Surgery for Obscure GI Bleed
Total Gastrectomy
Total Penectomy
Tripple Bypass
Truncal Vagotomy + Gastro Jejunostomy
Thyroglossal Cyst-Excision
Varicose Veins Surgery (laser/ Non laser)
Whipples – any type
Wide Local Excision
Wound suturing
Wound Toilet / Wound Cleaning





Contact Us

Lanka Hospitals, 2 nd floor

Hotline Number
+9411 553 2017
+9411 553 1095

For Clinical Information
Head of Surgical Department
Dr. Devika Kasthuriarachchi – 0115438075 (Available from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm)

For Financial Information
Surgical Coordinator
Mr. Buddika Chaminda Perera – 0772426604 (Available from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm)

Surgical Information Centre (Open from 7.00 am to10.00 pm)

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