Neurosurgical Centre

Lanka Hospitals is a 256 bedded multi –disciplinary-tertiary care hospital offering critical emergency and routine Neurosurgical services, Neurological care, ICU care, laboratory and testing services, pharmacy and other vital services round the clock for patients seeking medical attention. The Department of Neurosurgery has the most modern equipment such as Neuronavigation system, 32 channel Nerve monitoring system, Microscopes and C-arm. It also has at its discretion the latest imaging devices such as the 3 Tesla MRI and CT for accurate diagnosing of conditions. It’s also has highly reputed Neurosurgeons on call 24 hours a day through the Accident and Emergency Departmentand with a fleet of well-equipped ambulances and helipad for evacuation of patients needing urgent Neurosurgical care. All treatment options from emergency to routine craniotomies and spinal surgeries are performed. An average of 70 Neurosurgeries is performed per month.

The department has a dedicated Neurosurgical Theatre (GOT 5) with all necessary equipment installed. It has also 15 beds allocated to the department on the 8 th floor of the hospital with a Surgical ICU and HDU (High Dependency Unit) with specially trained nursing staff.

Neurosurgical Procedures

Spinal Surgeries:

  • Laminoplasty/Laminectomy
  • Discectomy
  • Spinal cord decompression and Fusion ( Minimally Invasive Surgeries )
  • Removal of Spinal cord tumours
  • Anterior Cervical Cord Decompression and Fusion
  • Scoliosis Correction Surgery
  • Surgeries for Meningocele, Encephalocoele and Meningo myelocele / Spinal Cord dethethering

Brain Surgeries:

  • Excision of Brain Tumours
  • Evacuation surgeries for Intra Cerebral Haemorrhage / Subdural Haemorrhage / Extra Dural Haemorrhage
  • Clipping of Aneurysms ( AVM )
  • Ventricular / Cysto Peritoneal Shunts, Lumbar Peritoneal Shunts
  • Surgeries to remove Epileptic Foci
  • Endoscopic Brain surgeries

Consultant Neuro Surgeons

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena
Dr. Ruvini Abeygunaratne Karunaratne
Dr. Saman Wadanamby
Dr. Sanjeewa Garusinghe
Dr. Maheshi Wijerathne
Dr. Nishantha Gunasekara
Dr. Nilaksha Kumarasinghe
Dr. Deepal Attanayake
Dr. Nirukshan Jayaweera
Dr. Yohan Korelege
Dr. Jayantha Liyanage
Dr. Stavinsky Perera

Contact Us

Hotline: 077 253 6387 | 070 353 1141 | 076 946 5003
Head of the Department of Neurosurgery: Dr. Jeevana De A. Seneviratne

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